Review: Kahr Arms CT9 Carbon-Fiber

Kahr’s economical single-stack 9 mm now sports a racy new finish. Here's a look at the carbon fiber-finished CT9.

First Look: Kahr Arms CW380 & CT9 Black Carbon Fiber Pistols

Kahr Arms added two new handguns to its product line in 2017, both featuring a unique black carbon-fiber frame finish.

Kahr Arms Adds Pistols with Kryptek Finish

Kahr Arms announced that four of its handguns would be offered with a Kryptek-camo-finished frame.

Taurus CT9 Carbine

Using the same cartridge in your home-defense handgun and long gun is a solid, time-tested concept. The new Taurus CT9 provides a novel platform for this idea, and it’s based on a proven law enforcement submachine gun.

Introducing Night Sights for Kahr C-Series Pistols

Night sights have grown in popularity over the last few years, due primarily to the growing interest in personal protection. Because night sights work in low, or no light situations, it makes them perfect for home protection, especially if the need arises to seek out your firearm very quickly in the dark.

Kahr Arms Introduces the CT380 Pistol

Kahr Arms expands its line of value-oriented pistols with the CT380, the budget-minded counterpart to the P380 introduced five years ago.


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