GSM Outdoors Acquires Cold Steel

GSM Outdoors recently acquired Cold Steel, which has been making some of the world's strongest knives for decades.

The Axe Gang Hatchet from Cold Steel

The Axe Gang Hatchet from Cold Steel might look familiar to "The Walking Dead" fans. Here's a look at the real deal.

First Look: Cold Steel Spetsnaz Shovel Series

Cold Steel is now offering the new Spetsnaz Shovel Series of entrenching tools that are suitable for a variety of field uses and survival scenarios.

EDC Gear: Cold Steel Immortal Knife

Cold Steel rolled out the Immortal in 2017, a knife that is sized and built right for fighting but compact enough to fit into any pocket.

First Look: Cold Steel Hudson Bay Camp Axe

Cold Steel is announcing a new, modern interpretation of the iconic Hudson Bay axe.

Review: Cold Steel Broken Skull EDC Knife

Designed by professional wrestler Steve Austin, the Broken Skull EDC knife from Cold Steel is designed to tackle pretty much anything.

First Look: Cold Steel Recon Scout Knife

Cold Steel recently developed the Recon Scout in 3V, a new combat knife that is based on the company’s popular Trail Master Bowie.

First Look: Cold Steel Crawford Model 1 Folding Knife

Cold Steel recently introduced the new Crawford Model 1 folding knife, created in collaboration with custom knife maker Wes Crawford.

First Look: Cold Steel Gunsite Counter Point 1 Folding Knife

Cold Steel recently introduced the new Gunsite Counter Point 1 folding knife, with the Gunsite Raven logo across the blade, making it a great addition to any range bag or for your everyday carry needs.

First Look: Cold Steel Recon 1 Tactical Folding Knives

Cold Steel has introduced its new Recon Series tactical folding knives built to satisfy the real-world requirements of military, LE, first-responder personnel and concealed-carry practitioners.

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