Choosing a Nightstand Gun

When things go bump in the night, what gun do you grab out of your nightstand? Here are some thoughts for choosing the ideal nightstand gun.

Choosing Shotgun Chokes for Home Defense

When it comes to choosing shotgun chokes for your home-defense shotgun, understand your situation and preferences before embracing conventional wisdom.

Choosing the Right Optic for Your Rifle

Choosing the right optic for your rifle can be a tricky proposition; don’t automatically assume that bigger is better.

Choosing Backup Iron Sights for Your AR-15

AR-15 owners choosing a pair of backup iron sights must consider a number of criteria before selecting products for their rifle.

Home-Defense Buckshot: Choosing Size, Material & Velocity

Not all buckshot is created equal. Knowing the technical differences is critical when choosing the right load for home defense.

Three Steps for Choosing a New Concealed-Carry Gun

Sheriff Jim Wilson is considering a new concealed-carry gun. Before making the switch, he's taking the gun through these three steps before choosing it as his go-to sidearm.

Choosing a Good Gun Belt for Concealed Carry

Why is it important to have a good gun belt? What are the the features to consider when choosing one? Here are a few tips on selecting the right belt for your concealed-carry rig.

Choosing a Scope Reticle: Input from the Experts

With all sorts of options available, from wire to etched reticles to simple crosshairs or cluttered Christmas-tree reticles, choosing a scope reticle can be a challenge. Here are a few thoughts from industry insiders.

Choosing the Right Suppressor for Shooting & Security

When shopping for a sound suppressor, there are many choices and perhaps compromises to be made. If you're looking for a suppressor for the range and for home defense, here's what to consider.

Choosing Buckshot Loads for Home Defense

Home-defense shotguns have a wide variety of ammo to choose from, and buckshot loads are some of the most popular. Which buckshot load is right for you?

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