Appendix Carry Pros and Cons

Appendix carry, like its namesake organ, isn’t useless after all.

Tulster Introduces IWB Profile Holster for Walther PPS M2

The latest holster from Tulster is designed to be an ultra-concealable option for the Walther PPS M2.

Springfield Armory Introduces XD-E Pistol

Springfield Armory introduced another first at the National Rifle Association's 146th Annual Meeting, a hammer-fired, double-action/single-action model dubbed the XD-E.

Review: PHLster Gen 2 Glock Skeleton Holster

Sometimes, a good piece of gear like the PHLster Gen 2 Glock Skeleton Holster can change your entire outlook.

I Carry: Glock G43 in a Tulster Profile AIWB Holster

In this week's episode of "I Carry," we look at using a Glock G43 in a Tulster Profile AIWB holster, along with a few other essential pieces of EDC gear.

Review: Springfield Armory XD-E

Springfield Armory went back in time a bit with its new, DA/SA, hammer-fired XD-E in order to make a pistol perfect for appendix carry. The resulting handgun exceeded expectations.

Review: Dark Star Gear Orion Holster

For inside-the-waistband or appendix-carry setups using Glock and Smith & Wesson handguns, the Dark Star Gear Orion holster is a solid option. We ran the rig through its paces in our review.

Is Appendix Carry Right For You?

Keeping your gun close at hand in appendix-carry position is starting to make a lot of sense.

Appendix Carry: What's It All About?

Appendix carry is growing more popular as a preferred concealed-carry position. What are the pros and cons behind this method? See how it can help.

5 Great IWB Holsters for Concealed-Carry

For concealed carry, inside-the-waistband holsters tend to be very popular, thanks to a number of features. Here are five top IWB holsters on the market that are built right for daily use.

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