Magpul M-LOK Accessories

Magpul's innovative line of proprietary M-LOK accessories includes many useful, practical additions that attach directly to M-LOK-compatible furniture.

Viridian Launches New LCP II Accessories

Owners of the new Ruger LCP II can now get laser and light accessories from Viridian.

5 Useful Smith & Wesson M&P Pistol Accessories

Further refine your Smith & Wesson M&P for personal protection with the following five accessories and upgrades.

Colt's LE6920 Available With Magpul Accessories and Troy Rail System

A Troy Industries rail system combined with a host of Magpul accessories make this Colt AR a versatile platform for any shooter.

First Look: New Rifle Accessories from Anarchy Outdoors

Anarchy Outdoors recently introduced several new accessories to its line of precision rifle components, including a new thumb rest and adjustable cheekpiece.

Command Arms Accessories Skeletonized Buttstock

With a locking adjustment and nonslip texture, the Command Arms Accessories Skeletonized buttstock adds stability to your AR's stock.

Weaver® Unveils Tactical Scopes Featuring Illuminated Reticles, as well as Specialized Tactical Accessories

Weaver's latest tactical optics and accessories undergo rigorous testing and advanced engineering to provide law enforcement agents, warfighters and precision shooters alike with unmatched precision across multiple disciplines. Illuminated reticle scopes and mounting systems offer a tactical advantage whether competing, practicing, qualifying or on-duty.

5 Great Accessories for the AR-10

The following products will help you get more from your AR-10 while customizing it to suit your needs.

7 Home-Defense Shotgun Accessories to Avoid

Thinking about adding all the bells and whistles to your home-defense shotgun? Think again. Here are seven accessories you don't want to load onto your scattergun.

ArmaLite M15 Law Enforcement Carbine

ArmaLite offers a wide variety of AR-15-style rifles and carbines. Here's a look at the company's Law Enforcement Carbine.

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