SSI Announces the all NEW SIGHT-RITE Green Laser Bore Sighter

Sight System Instruments (known as SSI), a leader in sportsman sight-in tools is pleased to announce their new product, the SIGHT-RITE Laser Bore Sighter.

New Life for the .380 ACP

It may be only three-quarters the size of a .45 ACP, but the tough little .380 ACP has found new life in modern loads.

Barrett 30th Anniversary Rifle Benefits HAVA

Honored American Veterans Afield (HAVA) is helping Barrett Firearms celebrate its 30 years in business this year with a national program benefiting HAVA's mission of service to disabled military through hunting and shooting events.

Audie Murphy's .45 Colt Revolver on Public Display

A .45 Colt revolver once belonging to WWII hero Audie Murphy is on display at the Cody Firearms Museum in Cody, WY.

Tennessee General Assembly Recognizes Barrett .50 BMG as State Rifle

During action taken on Feb. 24, The Tennessee General Assembly approved a resolution recognizing the Barrett Model 82/M107 as Tennessee’s official state rifle.

LaserLyte Bore Sight and Accessory Kit

LaserLyte offers tools that make sighting in and aligning optics easier than ever.

2016 Holiday Gift Guide: $30 and Under

Looking for a gift for the firearm enthusiast(s) in your life? Here are some great ideas for any budget. See something you want? Maybe leave this article out on the table as a subtle hint…

Fightin' Iron: The Four Johns of Firearm Design

Four inventors, all named John, designed iconic firearms used to defend America. Here's a look at their history and work.

.50 Beowulf AR-15: A Home Defense Option?

Alexander Arms developed an AR-15 that shoots a big-bore cartridge the company calls the .50 Beowulf. Why does it belong in your collection? Learn more about it here.

4 Affordable Ammo-Storage Solutions

The following items will help keep your ammo handy and easily accessible when the time comes.

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