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MGI signs Acusport to Distribute Hydra Rifle

MGI, the manufacturers of the highly versatile Hydra Modular weapon system, proudly announce a partnership with AcuSport Corporation, a leading distributor of outdoor and shooting sports products in the U.S.A.

MGI Marck 15 Hydra

Switching calibers on an AR-15 platform is no longer a Herculean task.

Redfield Accelerator Reflex Sight is Lightning Fast, Lightweight

Redfield's Accelerator Reflex sight delivers an immediate, crisp sight picture, no matter the firearm.

Leupold Launches Next-Generation DeltaPoint 2 Red Dot Sight

Leupold raises the standards for red dot sights with the next-generation DeltaPoint 2.

Rock River Arms X-1 Series

Rock River Arms has a new X-1 series of rifles unveiled at the 143rd Annual Meeting of the NRA.

New From Wilson Combat

Wilson Combat Announces Barrel Configurations for .308 Rifles

Rock River Arms X-Series LAR-6.8

While the 6.8 Rem. SPC cartridge isn’t exactly new, the X-Series debuted this year. The LAR-6.8 is specifically designed for this bigger brother to the 5.56 NATO.

The MkW Anvil From CMMG

CMMG offers a big-bore rifle designed to take large-cased calibers to their full potential.

Wilson Combat Q-Comp AR Muzzle Brake

Wilson Combat releases a new muzzle brake designed to reduce recoil and minimize muzzle flash.

Big-Bore AR Rifles for Survival

Why a large hole in the muzzle of your AR-15 might help keep you alive if the world falls apart.

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