New Guns from Century International Arms

posted on April 30, 2011

Century International Arms,UC-9,Uzi,semi-automatic,9 mm

Centurion UC-9 Carbine

Granted, it has a longer barrel and it's a semi-auto, but think of Century International Arms' UC-9 Carbine as an Uzi without all the paperwork and the hefty price tag. That's because this 9 mm carbine has a 16-inch barrel and fires from a closed bolt. It weighs 9 pounds and retails for $899.95. Best of all, the UC-9 ships with five 32-round magazines.

Century International Arms,Centurion,AK-47,AK,AK pistol,7.62x39 mm,SBRCenturion 39 AK Pistol

With a machined receiver and all parts made in the United States, the Century International Arms Centurion 39 AK Pistol follows in the footsteps of last year's Sporter Rifle—only it has a shorter barrel (11.38 inches) and no buttstock. Though chambered for the same 7.62x39 mm round as its big brother, the pistol tips the scales at just 5.4 pounds—a good deal lighter than a Kalashnikov rifle. The Centurion 39 AK Pistol is also a great starting point for a unique, AK-based SBR project. It retails for $769.

Shooters Arms Elite Pistol

This 1911 from Century is loaded with great features and is a fine choice for home defense. Extended safety and slide-stop levers, a beavertail grip safety with a memory bump and much more make it an interesting pistol that promises to be a superior value in a home-defense handgun. Here's some more info and a look at the Elite Pistol from Century:

AK-74 Bullpup Sporter

If you want a gun chambered in 5.45x39 mm, you want an AK-74, but don't settle for a plain-Jane model when Century International Arms has an affordable bullpup version for close-quarters combat. A railed upper handguard allows for mounting a red-dot or holographic sight, while a polymer 30-round magazine feeds close to your face on this radical looking take on the AK. You've simply got to see it to appreciate its awesomeness:

Centurion Home Security Shotgun

Century's initial foray into the home-defense shotgun market has a host of innovative features designed to make the 12-gauge easy to shoot in a stressful situation. This pump gun handles up to 3-inch shells and has an elongated fore-end to protect the hands during charging. There's much more to tell about this shotgun, but we'll let the expert fill you in:


Hornady Mobilis Gun Safes
Hornady Mobilis Gun Safes

First Look: Hornady Mobilis Gun Safes

Available in three sizes, each of which has modular interior walls.

First Look: CrossBreed Holsters For Daniel Defense H9

Options include IWB and OWB holsters as well as off body carry.

Controlling Shotgun Recoil

Love the scattergun but hate bruised shoulders? Here are some tips to mitigate recoil.

What To Look For in a Firearms Trainer

Not all firearm instructors are created equal.

First Look: Revic Radikl Rs25b Smart Scope

A new smart scope that combines internal ballistics adjustment with first-rate glass.

First Look: Bond Arms Stinger Fireball

Double barreled, lighter weight.


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