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Carl Zeiss Introduces the New, Super-Bright VICTORY HT Riflescope Line

Featuring the World’s Finest Illuminated Dot.

March 9, 2012

Browe Combat Optic

Though a relative newcomer to the tactical optics market, Browe Inc.'s Combat Optic is sure to turn heads.

February 24, 2012

300 Blackout Reticle Available in Leupold Mark 4 1.5-5x20mm MR/T

Leupold Tactical Optics now offers its Mark 4 1.5-5x20mm MR/T riflescope with its new front focal plane 300 Blackout reticle.

February 1, 2012
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Nikon Spot-On

Here's an easy-to-use ballistic calculator that makes hitting distant targets simple.

September 15, 2011

Nightforce 1,000 Yard Velocity Reticle

A ballistic drop compensating reticle from one of the most-coveted tactical optics manufacturers.

May 10, 2011
Zeiss Diavari, riflescope, Rapid-Z 1000, Zeiss

Zeiss Rapid-Z 1000 Reticle

Any long-range rifle is only as good as the optics you mount on it. Zeiss' Rapid-Z 1000 reticle is a great long-range shooting aid inside the company's legendary scopes.

April 22, 2011
Zeiss Victory Varipoint 2.5 10x50 T

Zeiss Victory Varipoint 2.5-10×50 T

The Zeiss Victory Varipoint 2.5-10x50 T*, an excellent optic from the venerable German glass company’s high-end line of scopes. What piqued my curiosity was the scope’s innovative reticle. Designated the #60, this reticle combines first focal plane stadia with a second focal plane illuminated dot at the crosshair.

October 29, 2010