Scottevest Brad Thor Alpha Jacket

The Alpha Jacket by Scottevest, designed by author Brad Thor, contains enough pockets to carry your everyday-carry gear and then some.


Why Choose a Green Laser?

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Crossbreed SuperTuck Holster

Crossbreed SuperTuck Holster

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adam heggenstaller with cheaper than dirt ultimate rifle sling

Cheaper Than Dirt Ultimate Rifle Sling

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Leupold Prismatic scope

Leupold Prismatic

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Nightforce Beast header

Nightforce B.E.A.S.T.

Whether you need to HALO jump into hostile territory to neutralize a high-value target or simply want the best tool for long-range target practice, the Nightforce B.E.A.S.T. scope is an excellent option.

this older AR-15 combined a PWA lower, a Colt upper and a Bushmaster barrel. It was then laboriously customized with a scope, laser and light in the time before rails.

Before We Rode The Rails

Today, AR-type rifles are supremely easy to accessorize, but not too long ago that wasn’t the case.

Brad Thor header

The Guns of Brad Thor

Best-selling author Brad Thor is known for his attention to detail when it comes to guns and gear, and his new novel, “Act of War,” is chock-full of the stuff we love.

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Black Optex Zero Lens

Good quality night-vision devices (NVD) are game changers for observation and shooting in the dark.

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Bushnell Elite Tactical SMRS

One great downstream result from the virtual explosion in tactical firearm ownership is the exponential increase in the available parts and pieces that support those guns.

SOG_NRA header

SOG Twitch XL NRA Edition

SOG's NRA-branded Twitch XL knife is a handy pocket companion fit for many duties.

Jaci Janes OTW

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Pink Guns

Competitive shooter Jacqueline Janes started out with a dislike for pink guns, but has changed her mind over the years.

MHA Header

MHA Custom Brightshot Flashlight Mount

Need to attach a weaponlight to your defensive AR? Looking for a mount that won't budge or dislodge your light at the worst time? Rifle Editor Steve Adelmann may have found the perfect mount for the job.


Alessi Bodyguard Shoulder Holster Review

The Alessi Bodyguard Shoulder holster features exemplary craftsmanship and attention to detail. This is one holster that will wear every bit as good as it looks.


LaserLyte Reaction Tyme Training Target

Practice in the privacy of your own home without dipping into the ammo stash or cleaning powder residue off of the couch.