Remington 700 Sendero

Remington 700 Sendero Makeover

By selecting the right aftermarket gear, you can change a dust-collecting and old hunting rifle into a modern-day diva.

By Bryce M. Towsley (RSS)
April 15, 2011

Select an image and it will appear on a comment page. Hit the photo again and a larger version will appear on screen so you can inspect this precision rifle in greater detail.

For more detailed instructions on how to turn a plain-Jane Remington 700 into a tactical tack-driver, click here.

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3 Responses to Remington 700 Sendero Makeover

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  2. AJ Kalima-Moses says:

    Hey Bryse
    I’m also changing my stock on my sendero to a axiom U/L stock. Did you run into any other fitting problems besides the trigger and bolt holes?


  3. daniel tangguh says:

    how much this stock/Remington 700 Sendero Makeover

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