Taurus PT 738 TCP

Taurus PT 738 TCP

If you're in the market for a pocket pistol with full-size features, take a closer look at this Taurus.

By SI Staff (RSS)
April 11, 2011

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For a thorough review of the Taurus PT 738 TCP, click here.

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28 Responses to Taurus PT 738 TCP

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  2. Nathan says:

    I have one and it is a piece of unreliable junk!! You do a diservice in promoting this poorly deisgned gun.

  3. Chuck Norris says:

    The Taurus TCP is a nice looking, light weight gun that fits well in pants pockets but It is not worth the stamp on the warranty return package.
    They are known to jam even if the slide gets polished, the retail price declined because they sit on the shelf and are available used very inexpensive since owners experience a lot of problems with them.
    There is better mouse guns out there, Kel_tech, Diamondback, Ruger…

  4. gary says:

    I don’t understand the poor ratings here for the TCP. I have one and have had no negative issues with it , it shoots goodd and lives up to the NRA test ratings I read a year ago. Great little gun for any money!

  5. here2serve says:

    Put more than 2k rounds through mine. One stovepipe. So I’m not sure why this little gun gets so many complaints. Keep it clean, don’t limp wrist it and enjoy.

  6. Jason says:

    I own a Taurus TCP with the Crimson Trace laser, and use Critical Defense ammo. I have put over 1500 rounds through it with absolutely no malfunctions at all (various ammo, fmj, jhp). It is accurate, well made, and very fun to shoot. With the laser, at 10 meters it is easy to get 2 inch groups. During the summer, it is great for carry. I highly recommend it.

  7. Leonard Fugate says:

    Just bought a 738 TCP. I put 80 rounds through it and not one malfunction of any kind. Me and the wife really love this little gun. Can’t wait to hit the range again. If you’re going to get one, make sure the serial number ends in “B”, not “A”. The “B” versions are the new and improved versions.

  8. Tom Fitts says:

    Just bought the SS version and have fired approximately 50 rounds of Magtech 95 grain ammo with no malfunction. You have to clean gun of all grease before firing. Gun is very, very accurate. Only complaint is the strength of the slide spring…. it is very strong.The trigger pull is far superior to all over 380 autos. Trigger is smoother, easier and may be a little shorter. The negative comments are not justified. Really like this slim line concealable pistol.

    • Dan says:

      Just got one for the wife and the “very strong” slide spring makes this almost impossible for her. Do you know a way of getting the slide spring to ease up?

  9. Stan H. says:

    I got one used and have only experienced problems with Winchester ammo. I fired 50 rounds of S&B ammo fine, 50 rounds of American Eagle fine and a couple mags of Hornady Critical defense. It wasn’t until I put Winchester in that it jammed. I shot about 70 rounds of it and had 2 FTE. I believe it to be because of the shape. The front end is chopped so they don’t feed as well as the others. Any rounded tip ammo seems to feed with no issues.

  10. Vanman says:

    Nice little piece.just pickedone up for 199.00.actually 99.00 brand new with the gander man gift certificates I had.put 100 Rds.of lawman thru it.not one problem.after stripping and cleaning of course.well worth what I paid.fits in inside jacket pocket nicely.

  11. chris v. says:

    Just bought a 738 new and love it.stripped it down and cleaned it. Put 100 rounds of lawman through it steady shooting and rapidfire without a hitch.1 box of gold dot,not a problem.fits in my inside jacket pocket perfect.

  12. Robert says:

    Recently purchased the 738. Took it to the firing range….no compliants. Accurate, no problems. Great gun for the money.

  13. John says:

    I just purchased a new PT-738 today. I love the size, ease of field stripping, and the way it fires. Before firing I completely cleaned the gun with Frog lube. I am very pleased with the guns accuracy. At around 20 ft I was hitting a 10 inch target with most shots.

  14. Daryl J. says:

    Just bought one for my wife,went to the range and she is hard to please but she loves it. She doesn’t have the strength to pull the slide, so I keep one in the chamber at all times and all she has to do is start pulling the trigger and it empties. It’s strictly for conceal carry and the weight was another issue but this one works, great solution for a hard to please person.

  15. Frank Rogers says:

    About to get one on a trade hope mine has all the good things people are talking about.

  16. Dan says:

    Just wondering if anyone finds that the slide gets easier to pull back after a little usage?

  17. Nate Decola says:

    I don’t understand the criticism of this fine pistol. It appears that perhaps the early models with a “A” suffix in the serial number may had had issues; mine had a “D” suffix. I have put 50 rounds through it and not a single failure to feed and fire. The slide “locks back” on firing the last round. This is a nice feature that allows a little faster reloading. Trigger is fine. Lack of safety is “none issue” for me. This is an easy to carry and conceal firearm; as a result I carry it far more often that my full-size 9mm pistols. It’s better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it!

  18. Chas Wightman says:

    Carry this for CCW and have had no issues with it….shoots well and fits in any pant pocket front or rear…nice little piece for the money.

  19. DC says:

    @Nate Decola, Yes that’s the one I have it ends with “D” and is the latest with all the past problems improved on.

    I found when I first had it it was not fully lubed and everything was not smooth so I fully cleaned it with only Break-Free CLP (Bore Cleaning Solvent, Lubricant, Rust Preventative) and not one problem after 500+ rounds. It should of been already to go from the start when first purchased but it needed some TLC before I ever fired it. I tested it with 5 Tipton snap caps to see how it was firing and how the slide felt. It was to under lubed and was hard to even eject a round. It was dead center hitting the dummy rounds.

    Then after using the CLP it was great and smooth and no problems.

    For the price I am satisfied and it is very reliable and accurate.

  20. miles says:

    I own great gun for 200 90 gr critical def is best butwont eat sprar gold dot 90 gr consistantly even after wet sanding ramp w/1000 andpolish

  21. Roy says:

    I am looking to pick one up, would this be a good first gun to own? It’s a self defense weapon for me, I am applying for my CCW but in the meantime would this be a good purchase for a first time gun owner? I am not looking to break the bank with the purchase, looking to spend in the price range of $200-$250 and this seems to be the best for that price from what I have read. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.

  22. Ghostwolf1 says:

    Ok guys jumping in here I must say that I have found this gun to be hold sensitive the same as some other small pistols in this class, I tried mine out of the box – no cleaning up or lubing only to have several Ftes but more examination linked this problem in the hold forced by a leather shoot thru pocket holster. I am thoroughly cleaning and lubing in perpetration for strip to the range with magtech 95gr. Fmj I have high expectations for this gun and hope this couple hundred rounds proves to be the break in amount, providing greater reliability. I plan on using it for daily carry. Will update on range results!

  23. Mark Eubank says:

    Bought a TCP last spring. Never a problem after a couple hundred rounds. Very accurate. My every day carry.

  24. SCSlimBoi says:

    Just sent my PT738 TCP back to Taurus this morning after an incident on the range wherein a spent round failed to eject and the slide locked up (and I DO mean LOCKED) partially open – it would move about 1/4 inch in either direction and that’s it. I was able to get the spent case out – no indications of excessive pressure seen on the brass or primer. I’ve had the pistol about 8 months and had put about 200 rounds through it at the time it failed. The only problem noted up until that time was the tendency of my strong-side thumb to press the mag release button inadvertently during recoil. I adjusted my grip accordingly and that problem was solved. I found recoil to be unpleasant enough with all types of ammo (JHPS/FMJs) to avoid firing more than 20-25 rounds during any practice session. Accuracy with a two-handed combat-style grip (modified Weaver) was acceptable for self-defense shooting at 7 yards. Point shooting works just about as good. Not sure what happened on the range – guess we’ll see about that, and about Taurus’s “Lifetime” repair policy, which has received mixed reviews in various forums.

    • Herb Irwin says:

      What was the outcome of returning your firearm? I returned mine at the end of August and am waiting on resolution.

      • Herb Irwin says:

        Taurus replaced my TCP with a slim 740. This company stands by their commitment to customer satisfaction. I love the 740 but need to acquire another TCP. I missed not owning a 738. They are great pocket pistols and your protected by a solid warranty.

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