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Exotic Cartridges

From a cartridge and bullet for bowling pin shooting competitions, to specialty submachine gun rounds and even armor piercing loads, here's a collection of photos for your fun.

By Guy Sagi (RSS)
April 9, 2011

Select an image and it will appear on a comment page. Hit the photo again and a larger version will appear on screen so you can inspect each cartridge in greater detail.

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2 Responses to Exotic Cartridges

  1. Ron Graves says:

    I would like to buy some . I am also a FFL 06

  2. Dale Spencer says:

    I was given a custom round based on a 5.56 case, Bullet is .284 dia, case length is 1.738, 1.490 base to shoulder, neck length is .285. I have not heard of any mods that went with a .284 round. Any ideas?

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