EMF JR Carbine, .40 S&W,

EMF JR Carbine in .40 S&W

The most unique feature of the JR Carbine is that, because of its modularity, it can be adapted to take a variety of pistol magazines.

By Richard Mann (RSS)
March 4, 2011

Not only could you share ammunition and magazines with, say, your Glock 22, by swapping the modular magazine housing you could do the same with a Smith & Wesson M&P40. This carbine also lets you move the operating handle and the ejection port to either side. Unlike an AR, this lets you operate the action with your left hand while it is still on your right shoulder or vice-versa.

The JR Carbine I tested was a pre-production sample. I don’t usually write up pre-production guns, but I needed a carbine in .40 S&W for testing and this is a unique design that emulates an AR to some degree. Its versatility was applauded by all who fired it, but feeding problems with hollow-point bullets plagued the gun. FMJ-style bullets fed just fine. The JR Carbine is shipped without sights, but it has a 15-inch Picatinny rail atop the receiver and fore-end. When and if the reliability issues of this distinctive carbine are sorted out—engineers at EMF assured me they are working on this—it looks to be an affordable and viable pistol-caliber carbine.


Winchester .40 S&W, ammo, ammunition, cartridges, Silvertip bullets

Winchester's 155-grain Silvertip bullets were 250 fps faster through the carbine than through a pistol.

Manufacturer: EMF; (800) 430-1310,
Caliber: 9 mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP
Capacity: 15 rounds (with standard Glock 22 magazine)
Barrel Length: 16 inches
Trigger Pull Weight: 6 pounds
Length: 33.6 inches (stock extended)
Weight: 6 pounds, 14 ounces
MSRP: $750

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5 Responses to EMF JR Carbine in .40 S&W

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  2. Dustin says:

    I love this concept ! For a officer this would be ideal for a patrol rifle. But I’m having a problem finding a dealer in Oklahoma? Also heard rumors that EMF was getting sued due to patent issues does that hold any weight ?

  3. Wade Fox says:

    I own the 45 cal and the 9mm. I love them both. They shoot consistent and accurate. If I were in law enforcement and carried a Glock, this would be a must have. Never heard of a lawsuit. Contact them directly, (585) 396-1551 Not sure, but they might offer a discount to law enforcement if you were to ask. Great guys over there!

  4. lawrence says:

    When I first heard of this carbine I was so excited I did not do my research before dumping/throwing away my $720 hard earned money. I got it to the range, I was proud to have it and it turned out to be a huge embarrassing trip, this piece of crap was a major jamming pos.
    I quickly found out that jr carbine does not return emails but they do answer the phones, the lady was nice and I am sure she gets the crap from thousands of owners. I told her my problem and was polite to her because she didn’t make the thing and she even offered to send a pickup ticket so shipping would not have cost me anything. She told me I could send it in or just send in the parts I thought was the problem and she would send me new parts on their dime. Long story short I finally fixed it thank me, no more jams and this thing ejects spent shells like a glock. Those of you that are having problems which no doubt is 99% of the owners know how great that is. I fixed this “was” a POS now a fantastic firearm, just as dependable as a glock. I know just about every owner is pissed about their jr carbine, it is a rifle that you want to love but the jams take over and you sell it to a person like me that just love the looks. I am not going to tell how and what I did because jr carbine still has not been able to figure it out and they have people with college degrees making the big bucks working there that cannot figure it out. I am not going to disclose the fix because jrc is not paying me for fixing their POS and turning it into a fantastic weapon, sorry. My serial # starts with a jrcv04xxxx. If you see serial #’s like so it is a jamming POS. The first serials start with just a jr and the jrcv’s are the second generation “I believe” of this fine rifle. I really enjoy this now, I will post a YouTube video in the near future to show how it spits out the spent shells and no jams. I am even considering a bump-fire stock something I know other owners will not even think about. Tell the jrc people when you call and complain about your jamomatic that I fixed it and why can they not do it as well.
    happy shooting.

  5. Randy says:

    I am wanting a 40 cal carbine and I cant afford the 1400 for a rock river .I also cast my own bullets and the factory said you can not shoot lead in this gun, dose any one know what the problem with cast bullets is.

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