Colt New Agent

Colt New Agent

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By SI Staff (RSS)
February 18, 2011

Read out in-depth review of the Colt New Agent.

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  5. Grape-Drank says:

    I love Colt more than any other firearm manufacture, even if they are expensive.

    What are my thoughts on Colt DAO? Big flop

    Colt has an exclusive clientele that will not buy DAO 1911-type pistols and I don’t see the average handgun owner passing over all the poly wonders to pay a little extra for a DAO Colt 1911-type.

    • Colt 1911 says:

      You just described me except you missed one point. There is a difference between what I buy to collect and trade and what I buy to carry. This gun was made to carry. The fact that Colt made it adds to my confidence gained from shooting Colts over the last 29 years.

  6. Super Fine says:


    I don’t agree. I’m considering it with Crimson Trace combo. I wouldn’t buy it without CT’s though.

  7. bossninja says:

    I think this is great. The Para LDA is super popular and I think COLT has built a much more elegant double action here, which should make it more reliable. I’m looking for an exploded view but I can tell you the trigger bar looks 10 times tougher on the Agent than the one in an LDA.

  8. Dead Eye says:

    Just ordered one six month waiting list. So much Grape Drink on the Flop.

  9. David Powell says:

    My word, it is the return of the ASP’s Guttersnipe sighting system! Well, a very close relative.

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