The millionth gun of 2012 was an SR1911 pistol.

Ruger’s One Millionth Gun of 2012

We told you Ruger built its millionth gun of the year in August, now have a look at the record-breaking firearm.

By SI Staff (RSS)
September 13, 2012

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7 Responses to Ruger’s One Millionth Gun of 2012

  1. Ramon Zayas says:

    How much?

  2. Ramon Zayas says:

    Beautifull, how much?

  3. Rhonda Bennett says:

    Aug 15th is my husband’s birthday…how much??

  4. Brenda Tyler says:

    Beautiful, how long is the wait on this one?how much will they be?

  5. Bradley says:

    this firearm is a one of a kind for the celabration for selling 1million firearms in a year and they have already auctioned this one off from what i have herd.

  6. Raymond.D.Nyers says:

    Very impressive weaponary.

  7. Lisa Feiro says:

    It should come with a million Rounds!!!

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