It’s Guns- & Gear-Buying Time in The Bayou

It’s that time of year again.

By J.R. Absher (RSS)
August 30, 2012

Louisiana’s annual Second Amendment Sales Tax Holiday, which features three days that all types of firearms, ammunition and hunting gear sold in The Bayou State are exempt from state and local taxes, happens next weekend, Sept. 7-9.

It marks the fourth year the unique promotion has taken place, after Act 453 was signed into law by Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) in 2009.

“This is a great opportunity for all hunters and campers to save money on the equipment they need to enjoy Sportsman’s Paradise. The weekend-long event will also bring more customers to our local hunting and sporting stores, which will further benefit our businesses and Louisiana’s economy,” Governor Jindal said.

Eligible items include:

• Firearms, ammunition and hunting supplies (for consumer purchase) including archery, shotgun, rifle, pistol, revolver or other handgun.
• Animal feed intended for “…consumption primarily by game, which can be legally hunted.”
• Hunting gear including holsters and bags to carry game.
• Binoculars used only for hunting and hearing-protection gear.
• Clothing used for hunting including hunting shoes or boots.
• Knives primarily used in the course of hunting.
• Off-road vehicles such as all terrain vehicles designed and intended primarily for hunting.
• Rifle scopes, rangefinders, slings, tree stands.
• Vessels such as airboats and pirogues designed and intended for hunting.
• Tools that are manufactured and marketed as being primarily for use in hunting.

According to the state Department of Revenue, the exemption is expected to cost the state a little more than $600,000, but no estimate was available for the loss of local sales taxes. The tax break only applies to consumer purchases.

Louisiana was the second state to pass a tax-exempt holiday that includes firearms purchases, but the only state with one at the present time. A bill creating South Carolina’s Second Amendment Sales Tax Holiday was originally passed in 2008, though it was found to be unconstitutional because it was attached to another measure. A subsequent bill authorizing the state and local taxes to be temporarily waived for the sale of “fixed-cartridge handguns, shotguns and rifles” was passed in 2010, but was not renewed by the legislature last year.

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