Galco Summer Comfort for Lightguard-Equipped Guns

Finding a good holster for a handgun equipped with Crimson Trace's new weaponlight can be a challenge, but now there's a great solution.

By Chance Ballew (RSS)
January 12, 2012

I recently reviewed the CrimsonTrace Lightguard, and I noted that I had yet to find a holster for it. Galco has come to the rescue, offering a version of its Summer Comfort holster for Lightguard-equipped pistols. The holster is lightweight and, as the name says, very comfortable. The snap-on design allows for removal of the holster without removing your belt, so putting the holster on and taking it off is a less complicated procedure.


Out of the box, the holster is a bit stiff and requires a little use to break it in to smooth out drawing and holstering the firearm. The stitching is solid and the saddle leather used in construction is heavy duty, despite its light weight. The design of the snaps means the holster takes up less space on your belt compared to other inside-the-waistband holsters. For us thin guys, this definitely helps with concealment.  

I carry the rig at about the 4-o’clock position, and the holstered gun, when worn, feels a bit top heavy, but that’s more a function of carrying a full-size Smith & Wesson M&P with a laser and a light. The forward cant of the holster makes for a smooth draw and keeps the butt of the gun clear when you’re sitting. There is no strip of leather to keep the slide of the gun from contacting your body, so an undershirt is recommended.

With a retail price just south of $75, it’s a durable and comfortable carry holster. Look for Summer Comfort holsters for Lightguard-equipped pistols to hit shelves in the next few months. Judging by the success of the Lightguard, you’ll probably want to grab them fast.

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10 Responses to Galco Summer Comfort for Lightguard-Equipped Guns

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  4. Lou Gots says:

    I prefer to carry a hammerless revolver, most often a S&W 296ti, or,if lightle dresed, a Ruger LCR in the pocket of a loose-fitting jacket or windbreaker.

    In threat situations, the hand is in the pocket and the gun is in the hand, for a guaranteed 0.00 seconds reaction time from decision to shoot and firing. One holster may be faster than another, but no holster is fastest than them all.

    • Kyle says:

      And that’s a great way to shoot yourself.

      Always use a holster.

      • Marta says:

        I have one for my Beretta however I can’t seem to ausjdt the tension. The rivet nuts just spin when I try to move the screws. I’ve tried just about everything so far from tension (I used a clamp even) to sticking a pin under the rivet to try and create friction. I love this holster, price, really good grip on the belt, and protection for the complete barrel (I had one that the bottom 1/4 of the barrel stuck out past the holster) but, can’t seem to ausjdt it.

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