Versa Carry,holsters,concealed carry,deep concealment,CCW,handgun retention

Versa Carry Handgun Concealment System

Have you ever seen a product or gadget a friend rigged up and thought, “Now why didn’t I think of that?”

By Richard Mann (RSS)
August 24, 2011

You’ve probably kicked yourself all the way home wondering how you could be so stupid as to overlook an obvious, but potentially lucrative idea. That’s kind of what I did when a young man named Justin Sitz from Texas sent me the Versa Carry. Well, not exactly. When I first opened the package I thought it was one of those gimmicks that would not work. However, I did my due diligence as a firearms journalist—a sexy way of saying gunwriter—and tried it. That’s when the stupid feeling hit me.

Versa Carry,holster,concealed carry,CCW,deep concealment,handgun retention

The Versa Carry is an inside-the-waist-band carry system, making it ideal for deep concealment or use when wearing less than ideal cover garments. The clip grabs your belt and secures the unit and your handgun in place.


Most that do it will agree—carrying a handgun is supposed to be comforting, but not necessarily comfortable. I know this as well as anyone. I’ve been carrying a handgun most of my life, and even small ones are difficult to comfortably conceal. This is especially true when it’s as hot outside as it is in Chef Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen. Warm weather, where guys wear shorts and a T-shirt and girls wear short shorts, make it difficult (or virtually impossible in this case) to hide even a pocketknife.

I’m heading to the beach next week with my family, and I’ll be armed just like when I go anywhere else, but I won’t be carrying my Colt Commander. Why? Because I’m not going to wear enough clothes to conceal a pistol that big. I’ll be carrying a Diamondback DB380, and I’ll be carrying it with the Versa Carry System—a very simple holster system that reminds me of the OSS string holster.

The Versa Carry system is nothing more than a belt clip with a barrel stud. The barrel stud fits inside your barrel and, because of its angle, provides a friction fit on the gun. Slide the Versa Carry and the handgun inside your waistband, and the clip grabs your belt, holding the rig in place. The Versa Carry is totally ambidextrous and will work on either side of your pistol. With a smooth-sided, compact handgun like the Diamondback DB380, you might forget you’re wearing a gun at all.

Versa Carry,CCW,concealed carry,holsters,deep concealment

To properly use the Versa Carry system, place it on the same side of the handgun as your shooting hand and align the barrel stud with the barrel. Then, just slide the unit toward the rear of the handgun and let the barrel stud fully insert into the barrel.

Some will argue it’s not a good idea to stick a barrel stud in your handgun. At first blush, it might seem weird, but so is eating oysters or imagining someday you really will shoot a zombie. Weird is not the same thing as wrong. For example, if you have ever been to Gunsite and went into any of the restrooms you’ll find two rods. One is marked 9 mm and the other .45. Prior to dropping your drawers, you are supposed to slip your sidearm on one of these rods, barrel first. Nope, nothing wrong with a polymer rod in your barrel while carrying a handgun.

What if you pull the gun and the Versa Carry comes out with it? It’s unlikely, but hey, anything’s possible, right? Some folks just don’t just feel stupid, they actually are. Here’s the deal: If that happens, it’s still safe to shoot the gun with the Versa Carry attached via the barrel stud—it shoots out along with the bullet. Your accuracy for that first round might be degraded, but your handgun will not blow up. Sitz was smart enough to engineer the Versa Carry so that it is not a true barrel obstruction and he has thoroughly tested this possibility.

Versa Carry,Diamondback,DB380,concealed carry,deep concealment,holsters,CCW

Once the Versa Carry is installed on your handgun, the rig is ready to be inserted into your waist line. Just slip the gun behind your pants at the belt line and let the clip grab the bottom edge of your belt on the outside. It can be used to carry strong side or cross draw with either hand.

This unique holster concept was dreamed up by Sitz, on his own. He’s not wealthy, and he doesn’t own a big company or 20 Texas oil rigs. He’s struggling to make it through every day, just like you and me. Last year, his house burned down and through hard work and perseverance, he has managed to bring the Versa Carry to market despite that adversity. It’s kind of nice to know when you buy a product the profits will be spent on a truck payment or a night on the town with a guy’s girlfriend, not just shoved into some tax shelter.

Talking to Sitz, you get the feeling he’s just a good ol’ country boy. You get that feeling because that’s exactly what he is, but he had a good idea. And, he’s smart—smart enough to make me feel stupid that I did not think of the Versa Carry before he did. That’s probably a good thing, though. I might have called it the “Rod in Your Pants Holster,” or something worse. Of course, Sitz can tell you about the Versa Carry better than I can, so here he is:

In this business, you don’t see something truly innovative that you have to have every day. When you do, it usually costs too much, so you buy another video game or lingerie for your girl hoping luck swings your way. Not so with the Versa Carry. If you’re looking for a secure and comfortable way to carry a compact handgun, I strongly suggest you give one a try. At just $19.95, it won’t break the bank and if you don’t like it, clip it over your sun visor and hang your fuzzy dice on it. You know, I should have thought of the fuzzy dice, too. My truck would be paid for by now.

Here I am using the Versa Carry with the Diamondback DB380:

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33 Responses to Versa Carry Handgun Concealment System

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  2. Kim says:

    I instantly have a problem with this retention device. There is no trigger guard or protection for the weapon while it is in your trousers. Much too easy to inadvertently fire while inserting or possibly even drawing. That would just ruin your day. The design looks like it would easily adapt for this minimal level of protection, so I hope the designer will consider this.

    • Mat says:

      well seeing as most people don’t keep their concealed carry handgun chambered the full time its not much of an issue and the ones that do know well enough how to avoid accidental discharges when holstering and drawing their weapon

      • Tim says:

        Matt, you must be joking… Most carry without a round chambered? That may be your experience (and something certainly common with those new to concealed carry) but saying that most carry that way is absurd.

        Also, it is worth pointing out that accidental discharges can be cause by any item that finds its way to the trigger, not just fingers… and not just when drawing or holstering.

        I think it is a real gamble to carry a firearm using any system that does not adequately protect the trigger from unintentional contact.

      • Jimmy says:

        Cheers pal. I do appreciate the writnig.

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  4. Joe Allen says:

    Sitz sounds like a great guy, and I applaud his entrepreneurial spirit.

    Unfortunately, any holster that fails to cover the trigger is not a safe method to carry a loaded firearm, as evidenced by this disclaimer on the product website: “DO NOT use this product to carry any handgun with a live round in the chamber.”

    The dilemma of this method of carry is that you either have a small firearm in deep concealment that is not ready for immediate use – and so of debatable defensive value – or you are putting your wedding tackle at great risk.

    It doesn’t take much to imagine all the sorts of things from errant shirttails to wayward pocket implements that could find their way into that trigger guard.

  5. Justin Sitz says:

    Hi, I’d like to let you guys know that we are working on our Gen II VersaCarry Clips that will launch this October. One of the new added features is a removable trigger guard that will be included with every unit. The user will have the choice of applying it or or leaving it off to Gen I specs. With the current model once in your waistline there is no way for your finger to come in contact with the trigger until the weapon is drawn. Our units run deeper than a normal IWB holster, to create a safe and secure ride height. The current model is being used by thousands across the U.S. from average Citizens to Undercover Law Enforcement officers who find the VersaCarry very useful.

  6. Justin Sitz says:

    Just received this from one of our border patrol agents

    If you are looking for a deepcover holster, seriously consider the VersaCarry System. The concept is simple and very functional. The nice feature this system has is that it can be used with different weapons of the same caliber. I’ve been in Law Enforcement for more than 29 years and this is the best concept I have seen in a long time. You can find it at Take a look I believe you will agree.

  7. Richard Mann says:

    I understand why the product has warnings about carrying a round in the chamber. It has nothing to do with it not being safe. I don’t get this cover the trigger guard thing. The gun (trigger) is behind your pants and belt. It not like I have gremlins running around in my underwear that are going to pull my trigger. This is not an exposed holster.

    Most firearms accidents with holsters involve the shooter holstering the handgun with their finger on the trigger. Its the portion of the holster that covers the trigger guard – and the dummy with his finger on the trigger that’s the problem.

    As for pulling the trigger while drawing, you can’t honestly believe that after you pull a handgun one inch up out of the holster – away from the section that covers the trigger guard – that there is no chance you might not accidentally pull the trigger.

    I tried to conceive a way the trigger could be pulled when this holster is properly worn. I tried to make it happen. I gave up.

    I applaud Justin for responding to customer feedback and working on a model with a device to cover the trigger but I won’t use one and consider the modification unnecessary.

    One of the ways that I have started using this holster is inserting the clip / gun between by belt and trousers. A wide 1.5 inch belt covers the trigger guard and holds the gun very secure.

    Here is my suggestion to those with doubts, spend the 20 bucks and try it. When I first saw it I thought it was useless. I tried it and changed my mind. I was wrong. If you are afraid of carrying it with a real gun, try a blue gun. I’ll bet that if you are not satisfied, Justin will refund your money.

    Just because something is different does not mean it is wrong.

  8. Dave Jiles says:

    The “Purist” will say that a pistol carried without a round in the chamber is pointless. I would say that although it is a handicap, the gun you have with you is better that the one you left behind because you could not conceal it adequately or did not have the time or oportunity to put on a regular holster. I quite often slip a pistol into my waistband, without a round chambered just to make sure I have it within reach under certain circumstances. This product will make it more secure, and be versatle enough to work with several choices. I hope he sells a million of them. I will be one of those purchases.

  9. Richard Mann says:

    Well said. I doubt anyone that carries on a regular basis has NEVER slipped a gun into their waist band.

  10. Jim B says:

    I picked one up for my PM9 love it. I think some of you guys are forgetting the number one rule in gun safety don’t touch the trigger til your ready to fire. I guess you guys don’t approve of the clip draw or any other method that isn’t a traditional leather holster. I seem to remember long ago a new gun hit the market that was very different in design and didn’t have a normal safety. Many around my shooting club said how terrible it was and so on, “How could anyone think of carrying a gun without a safety.” That little company known as Glock did very well even though they didn’t conform with the normal way of thinking.

    • Tate says:

      Just purchased a PM9. It comes with a split trigger lock. If Right handed, slide the LEFT half of the trigger lock into place behind the trigger for a secure and safe gun. When drawing, simply use your trigger finger to push lock out and gun is ready to fire. problem solved! If Left handed, use the RIGHT half. It’s functions better and quicker than a manual safety!!

      • Nathan says:

        Hey Tate, tried that out with my CW9 when I got the versa carry. While I was able to work it out with my finger while doing some dry firing practice, I can’t imagine ever being able to do that with a bad guy in front of me. My .02.

  11. Tgugs says:

    Accident waiting to happen……….As my tighty whities bunch up (on my strong side butt cheek reaching for my walllet) whilst sitting in a movie theatre, trigger is pushed into triggergaurd by my undies…kaboom….. ER here we come…..Same as the clipdraw with a live round in gun. Hope it has a legal disclaimer of not to be used with live round in chamber like clipdraw otherwise lawsuit here we come. These are not real events…

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  13. Mary says:

    Tgugs… Maybe it’s time for smaller “tighty whities?” Or perhaps just some new ones? It’s irrational that your underwear would influence the trigger of the VersaCarry, c’mon that’s a LOT of bunching up.
    For those of us that have ever felt the need to quickly stick a gun in the waistband of our jeans, the VersaCarry is only safer!

  14. Bartman says:

    Buy a gun that has external safety then pulling the trigger shouldn’t be much of a problem, I think Glock owners are the biggest freaks about this.

  15. cruiser55 says:

    I was originally concerned about the lack of trigger guard when I first bought my Versa Carry for my Glock 23. I used a Safe-T-Blok that I had purchased earlier and enjoyed instant peace of mind. Promptly ordered two more for my 26 and 27.

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  17. artsbrew says:

    first the double acion only or double action single action are safe with the long trigger pull. glock type actions are a little scary when you holster the guns. drawing pulls the trigger the wrong way and is safe. a careful reholstering will protect you with a long double action trigger. even if there were an obstruction in the trigger guard when you pull the gun out the trigger is being forced the wrong way to discharge. maybe my mind is not working but the long heavy trigger pull will protect you just like the grip clips. i am a glock person and would not carry my glocks like that, but kel tec, kahrs and similar pistols i would carry like that with a round in the chamber. i would be extra careful reholstering at any time. sounds great if you are in a hurry and have an appropriate pistol for the system.

  18. motogpfan says:

    Highest chances of an accidental discharge will be during holstering. Once its there you do like you always do. You’re mindful that it there and you don’t play with it. I just can’t see it being that risky otherwise. Seems like its just the thought of the possibility that has everyone so excited. I’ve tucted mine in my waistband before on occasions but I wasn’t in fear that if I moved I would shoot myself. Has there ever been an accidental discharge due to somebodies tighty whities bunching up and pulling the trigger? I know people have shot themselves trying to grab a gun slipping out of their waistband and I’ve seen them fall out on the floor. But has one gone off when somebody sat down or was running or doing some activity??? Sounds like a good one for Myth Busters!

  19. Arthur says:

    I just ordered one for my P7M8. I can’t say for sure until I try it out, but it seems carrying it with a round in the chamber with this pistol may not pose a safety issue (no more than any loaded weapon). The grip safety renders the trigger non-functional until activated.

    It would seem to apply to almost any pistol with an external safety (thumb, squeeze cocker, etc.). I would NOT use it with ANY weapon that simply required a pull of the trigger (revolver, Glock, etc.)

    It would appear holstering it is more risk prone than drawing it (for the obvious reason the direction of travel, force against the trigger).

    Looking forward to getting it and running it thru the paces.

  20. DannyInSoCal says:

    Seems fine for my 1911′s with external/multiple safeties but I’ll pass on my Glocks. I am a little concerned about the sidearm digging into/rubbing my side. But for only $20 with a money back guarantee – I’m in…

  21. Eric says:

    contact me at my email address

  22. Clay says:

    Ummm, Ir is my finding that anyone relying on human action alone for safety purpoises with a weapon is not the smartest Coon in the yard.. Any gun with a trigger safety AND a slide safety is perfectly fine with one of these holsters. Between human safety, slide safety and trigger safety if you shoot yourself you did it on purpose and deserved shootin.. I dont even own oune of thse but sure am tempred to get one just because now….

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  24. Matt says:

    I personally have a S&W Bodyguard .380. I use the versacarry without any fear of an a.d. I personally would never carry a weapon in my pants with a hair trigger and one I the pipe. Most carry pistols have a long draw and or some form of safety. Purist be darned, Versacarry is a great method of carrying. Btw, it does not print either.

  25. Jay L. says:

    After 35 yrs of carrying (now reired), this is the best thing I have seen – works on my S&W Mod 3954 and my new Sig 290 with laser! The trigger guard issue and partially loaded issue is ridiculous. Reminds me of one of my old Lt’s. that carried nothing under the hammer of his wheelgun, then the next chamber was empty, then the next two were blank cartridges, and finally – the last two were real .357′s. Another Lt retired, and we had to tap the ejector rod with a light hammer, due to the brass cartridges turning green and having been in the gun so long. Finally, the oher Lt. carried an empty .357 on his belt, and a loaded .22 in his pocket, due to an incident where a bad guy took away is gun once, but did not harm him. I thought that I had stumbled upon the Three Stooges when I first got hired there! Buy the VersaCarry, or at least look at it on the web.

  26. chris says:

    I use versa carry with my glock and love it . If you shoot yourself you are an idiot and should not carry.

  27. Rich says:

    I have 3 versacarry’s. 380, 9mm, 45 glock. Love em all. A drawer full of iwb holsters and the VC’s are all I use, all of the time. I am careful when putting in pants, but that’s the only time I could remotely possibly AD.

  28. Adam R says:

    I will never own or use one of these. it doesn’t cover the trigger and reholstering is not simple which is out of the question. it really doesn’t solve any problems we have with current holsters.

    and if you have to explain to everyone why your holster is OK, then that’s a red flag that’s not a good option

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